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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Larry Levine Conference

So I just spent an extremely intellectually stimulating day at The State of Cultural History Conference in honor of Larry Levine, a professor here at GMU. It was great to be around such superstar scholars and hear what they're working on and to hear the discussions that real historians have. It was depressing to realize that I have nothing to contribute and probably won't for awhile, but nevertheless, I thought I'd share some choice tidbits from the conference:
"Who owns John Dillinger's dick? Does the Smithsonian own it? Does the FBI own it? Is it out there for public consumption? There's a missing dick in American culture!"

"We write in the age of catastrophe; we write in response to tragedy. There was an immense outpouring of scholarship after that horrible tragedy that devastated the country and the world. You know the one I'm talking about... (whole room nods, thinking Sept. 11th...) ... the 2000 elections."

So, we may be nerds and scholars, but in the ends it all comes down to dick and bush jokes.


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