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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Is this what my Saturday nights are going to be like for the next 3 years?

So I'm currently in the middle of what just might be the least exciting Saturday night I've had in quite awhile. I had two separate plans to hang out with friends fall through (which sucks because 2 is the exact number of friends I have in this area), and so I've been reading the *enthralling* "Telling the Truth About History," and just took a break to watch "Notting Hill," which is just as cheesy as I remember, but Hugh Grant is adorable. I also ordered a "Fit and Delicious" Pizza from Pizza Hut, which was neither fit nor delicious... And now I will probably read some more.

As this blog continues, it will probably prove a fascinating study in the onset of depression...

*Sigh* It's really not that bad I suppose. It's hard to get excited about things that aren't happening though. And doesn't it suck that the one person you really want to talk to, you're not supposed to be the one to call?


Blogger Angela said...

I'm glad to know...what all the way over in America, that Saturday nights are just as exciting as over here.

7:54 PM


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