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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First Week

Well, I've had my first two classes of the semester and things seem to be going pretty well thus far. I'm taking an Introduction to New Media class which seems like it will be pretty fun (yes, I'm a nerd) and the professor seems very cool, so that always helps. The other class is a bit scarier--it's historiography, which basically means the history of history itself... we're reading lots of theory books (not my favorite) but this is going to be a very important class for all my later classes, so it's good I'm taking it now. For our final paper in that class, I think I'm going to write the historiography of Eleanor Roosevelt--looking at all the stuff that has been written about her... did you know that in newer biographies they think that she was a lesbian (or, as the grandma in "The Wedding Crashers" said, a "big dyke"?)

Otherwise, I've been working at the Center for History and New Media. I'm working on a project called Historical Thinking Matters, which will be a tool for high school history teachers that teaches students to use primary sources and to think like historians. Right now, I'm researching the Social Security Act and finding all sorts of primary sources from the 1930s and the Great Depression (primary sources are the original documents or records of events described by someone who was there). I know, I know, I'm probably boring you already.

I've decided not to get a waitressing job on the side because I think it will just stress me out way too much. I tend to get very anxious and frantic when school is in session. I may be teaching some spinning classes at a gym here though.

Okay, more historiography reading. Woo!


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